- [DoP] Code of Conduct & By-Laws -

: Puff, Puff, Pass!
: NO back-camping
: NO Mic Spamming – Especially while actively playing in a round. Players need to hear the game, not what you did last night with the neighbors dog. Yea, we know it was you.
: NO disrespect to our players or administration. We promote a kickass, fun, stress-free OBJECTIVE BASED server...

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HT2 Is now a GG DM Turbo!

Hey guys letting you know, that today, me, pun, and canuck worked on HT2 and revamped it.

We now have a Death-match gun game turbo Server, you must go up the weapons then back down again to win.

We also removed maps and made it easier to find good maps so enjoy!

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New Maps and VIP!

Hey guys just giving you all an update on my work on the server so far!

I Have fixed our quake sounds so they all work right now, and I’m in the midst of fixing our admin sounds.

I Just uploaded a bunch of new maps so we plenty of new variety of maps.
Now beware i haven’t tested a lot yet so some may crash the server, if you find one that ...

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Welcome to Display of Power and our new site!

WELCOME to the new and improved site! More info and posts will be coming soon now that everyone can have a say.

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